Management Team

Paul Zocchi
A former executive director of a chain of private career schools, Paul has been overseeing financial aid processing, school management, and accreditation for over 35 years. Over 28 years ago Paul decided to turn his efforts in processing financial aid and consulting to all types of Post-Secondary schools. Paul has successfully assisted hundreds of schools through accreditation visitations, USDE/IG Program Reviews, yearly CPA compliance audits and FFELP Guarantee Agency audits.

Phillip LePage
A former financial aid director, Phil has also turned his expertise and efforts in assisting technical schools and colleges. With over 20 years in the industry, Phil has participated and instructed in numerous USDE workshops and private career association seminars throughout the country. Phil is considered to be the expert in post-secondary financial aid regulations.

David Pelletier
A former financial aid officer of a chain of private career schools, David joined The Boston Educational Network in 1996. David has progressed to become BEN’s financial aid compliance director. His working knowledge of a myriad of student issues and his strong interpersonal skills will greatly assist your financial aid department.

Tayo Atoro
Tayo initially joined BEN in 2004 as a software engineer. After 4 years spent in other industries developing SCM software, healthcare analytical software, and consulting for The Boston Educational Network, Tayo re-joined the BEN in 2011 as the company’s Director of Application Development and IT.  His experience, technical knowledge and direction are key in successfully incorporating annual federal regulatory changes into our systems, as well as overseeing the development of the companies next generation of products.