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Direct Loan Disbursement Delay

Due to the change in USDE loan origination fees, students who were scheduled to receive their first (#1) Direct Loan disbursement prior to October 1, 2014, will have their disbursements delayed. The Boston Educational Network is in the process of re-originating all those loans ...

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Official Cohort Default Rate

The Department has just recently published the 2011 Official three year cohort default rates. If your school elected for these files to be sent to BEN, your rate can be found under FAP Reporting > Cohort Default Rates > 2015 Cohorts > 2011 NSLDS Official Cohort Default ...

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Cohort Default Rate Sanctions

This year only three (3) year default rates will be published and schools will be subject to loss of eligibility based on their three (3) year rates. Three (3) year rates have been calculated for FY 2009 published in 2012- under Cohort 2013, FY 2010 published in 2013-under Cohort ...

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