Financial Aid Servicing

portal logoCombined with our team of qualified and seasoned professionals who administer the complicated process of awarding, our FAP Portal provides you with everything you need -and everything you may not realize you need to successfully manage and maintain your institution’s financial aid.

With our financial aid processing system:

  • Perform all necessary tasks through the FAP Portal™ without needing to download EDExpress from the USDE.
  • Calculate student EFC’s, and begin developing a student’s financial aid package in minutes.
  • Know the status of all your student’s financial aid at all times.
  • Print ISIR’s online.
  • Create corrections to ISIR’s or add your school to a student’s ISIR in 2 clicks online.
  • Create online Student Aid Profiles using programs and cost information customized to your school.
  • Know instantly when your student has been awarded with instant Profile status updates.
  • Print award letters online for distribution to pending students.
  • Print Promissory Notes.
  • Notification reports will tell you when your student aid is arriving.
  • Request disbursements online for any valid payment period.
  • Receive ACH wire notifications when requested funds have been transferred to your account.
  • Access ACH wire history as well as anticipated and actual Disbursement reports for your school.
  • Access a student’s financial aid history with just a few clicks.
  • Access Loan counseling reports, NSLDS Cohort Default Rates, Plus Loan Credit Decisions, and other online reports.
  • Guarantee fast accurate turnaround of your student’s financial aid.

Contact us today to begin simplifying your financial aid process!